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Kansas Financial Resources - Topeka, KS

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Solutions for Individuals

  • Personal Plans - Kansas Financial Resources can help you maximize your financial strategy by determining what solutions are best for you. When preparing a plan, we design specifically for our clients’ needs today as well as their financial future.

  • IRAs

  • 401(k) Rollovers - When changing employers or retiring, you have many important decisions to make- one being what to do with your Employee Sponsored Retirement Plan. At Kansas Financial Resources, we will guide you through the process of transferring your money and building a strategy that will help you with the next step in your life. 

  • College Savings Plans* - A college education is one of the most expensive, long-term and invaluable purchases that a family can make. If there are multiple children in the family, the scope of the financial endeavor also multiplies. There are a number of effective ways to save for college today, and determining the best vehicle for your family can be overwhelming. Things to consider are the length of time before money is needed, potential for growth, risk of loss, ownership and control, fees and expenses, tax implications and ease of management. Because the cost of education is growing at such a rapid rate, degree programs offered today may cost up to three times as much for children which begin their higher education 18 years from now. Planning today may provide the most flexibility and options in the future. 

  • Mutual Funds*

  • Annuities - The annuity product is one of the most beneficial investment tools available when used properly. From income planning to tax-deferred growth, Kansas Financial Resources will help determine if an annuity is right for you. 

  • Life Insurance - Life insurance is one of the most crucial tools in establishing a successful personal plan. Your financial future and the security of your family are dependent on the ability to pay bills, save for retirement and provide your family with a healthy lifestyle and the opportunity to seek a higher education. These items are important to you today and continue to be vital even more in the event of a death. Life insurance helps to protect your family in both the long and short term. At Kansas Financial Resources, we have access to the top insurance companies and the products that specifically help us build a plan just for you. Remember, you buy life insurance when you don’t need it, so it is there for you when you do. 

  • Disability Insurance** - Ever thought about what would happen if you were unable to supply income for your family due to a disability? Is your mortgage company going to waive your monthly payment because you are sick and cannot work? Disability insurance can protect your loss of income if you become disabled. In the event of a long-term illness or injury, we can use disability insurance to supplement your income and help protect the long-term well being of your financial future. 

**Kansas City Life Insurance Company offers disability insurance through Disability Resource Group Inc.

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